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When we do cabinet painting it is more than just a routine paint job to us; we consider it to be more of an art form. That is why our company does everything in its power to make your St. Louis cabinet painting experience with us go smoothly from the first time you contact us all the way through to your satisfaction with the completed project.

Our St. Louis Cabinet Painting Process

As with any painting project we do, it all starts with careful planning. We prefer to do an in home consultation with you so we can take a first-hand look at your cabinets to best help you determine how to get your individual cabinet painting job done. Once you have decided how much prep work you want to go into the job and the finished look you desire, we will then write you a competitive and fair estimate to do the work.cabinet painting st lous

Here are the other important steps we feel are necessary to see any St. Louis Cabinet Painting job through to its successful completion:

Area Preparation

The area surrounding your cabinets must first be covered to make sure that any overspray or other paint speckles will not get where they don’t belong. At this time we will also remove all the cabinet doors and cabinet drawers to make them easier to thoroughly coat with paint. We will also use masking tape to protect such things as metal knobs, hinges and light covers.

Surface Preparation

A good light sanding is done next to ensure that there is no loose old paint on the cabinet sections, cabinet doors and drawers and it also helps the new fresh coat of paint adhere better so it lasts longer. Light sanding will also help make the paint go on smoother and more uniform to help the finished look be as close to perfect as you can get.

Paint Application

When it comes time to do the actual painting, our expert team of painters will know exactly how to best apply the finished coat to your particular type of cabinets so the job comes out looking great.

Touch up and detailing

Before we start the reassembly and cleanup process we will check each cabinet section, drawer and cabinet door to make sure that it was completely coated with paint and will touch up any areas that may need it. At the same time we will remove any overspray that ended up where it does not belong and make sure there are no unevenly painted areas left anywhere on your cabinets.

Reassembly and Cleanup

Once the paint job has been thoroughly inspected and the areas that need it have been touched up, then it is time to start reassembling the cabinets. The cabinet doors will be put back on and the cabinet drawers will be reinserted where they belong. At this point all masking tape that was put on will be removed and any tarps or other coverings will be picked up too.

We take as much time to do every step in the process as is needed to get it done right.

The cabinet painting process we use is time tested and guarantees quality results for each and every project we do. You can also rest assured that we consider no cabinet painting job complete until you are 100% satisfied with the completed work. It is this very type of attitude that has helped us grow to be the highly reputable and highly sought after cabinet painting company we are today.




With all the different colors and sheens of paints there are available for cabinet painting, we will be happy to give you any assistance you need in picking the one out that is right for you. There are two main types of paint that are usually used for cabinet painting because they leave the best looking finished product.

1.      Latex Based paint

Latex paint goes on smooth and is very easy to work with and clean up. It will also costs you less than other types of cabinet paints

2.      Oil Based Paint

Oil based paint will cost you little bit more than latex based paint but it also produces a harder shell and will last much longer.

In rare cases some people do choose to use acrylic enamel based paints but these dry quickly so it makes them harder to work with to get a nice finish on your cabinets.

For the type of paint you select we will use only the highest quality products that are available to ensure they go on smooth, look great and will last much longer than lesser quality paints. The quality of the cabinet painting products we use assures us that the job is done right each and every time.


One of the reasons we think cabinet painting should be considered an art form is that it takes a special talent to blend the perfect amount of sheen into the finished look.

Our cabinet painting experts know exactly how to select paints that will give you a little bit of gloss to make your cabinets easy to clean, yet at the same time not make them so shiny it takes away from the finished look you had hoped for. With the professional know how we have and the wide variety of state of the art application tools in our inventory, we manage to get this done perfectly each time we do a cabinet painting project.


Top Rated Kitchen Cabinet Painters – Flawless Reviews Online!

If you are like most people that want their kitchen cabinets painted you have a set look you are a trying to achieve when finished. Whether it is just being done to brighten up the existing look or you are trying to completely make your kitchen look different, we can help you every step of the way to get you the results you desire.

When it comes to painting kitchen cabinets it’s all about paying attention to the details because that is what gives you the best finished product. Each step of the process needs to be done right so the next step can achieve its desired results.cabinet painting st lous

When we do the prep work we don’t take chances and cut corners. We do such things as take out the cabinet drawers before painting them and also remove the cabinet doors from their hinges. Doing such steps as these not only makes the actual painting process easier but it also guarantees that the coat of paint will go on evenly across each cabinet piece to help protect it and also to make it look as good possible. We will cover everything that you don’t want to get paint on such as kitchen counters and sinks, and we will also mask those areas where things you don’t want to get paint on can’t be easily removed.

No kitchen cabinet job will come out right if some light sanding of the cabinet surfaces is not done before hand. Light sanding is done by us for two reasons; first of all it will remove any loose paint that will hurt the looks and longevity of the new coat of paint and second it ensures that the new coat of paint adheres properly to the entire cabinet surface.

When it is time to do the actual painting we know all the little tricks that make the finished job turn out great. We paint cabinet doors as they lay flat to ensure an even coat and we know exactly what tools to use to apply the paint so it looks best. If you so desire we will use primer where necessary and we can also apply an extra layer of clear coat over the paint for even longer lasting layer of protection.

All this attention to little details is the reason why when we are finished you will never call anyone else to paint your kitchen cabinets again and you will not hesitate to recommend us to your family and friends who might also need their kitchen cabinets painted in the future.


Painting Bathroom Vanities and Built In’s

Kitchens are not the only place in your home that may have cabinets that need a fresh coat of paint. That is why we specialize in doing all types of cabinet painting. Whether it is a bathroom vanity that needs a new look or built in cabinets in your home office that are looking dull and dingy, we can handle each and every one of your cabinet painting needs.

We quite frankly are experts at redoing bathroom vanities in a way where the paint can give your bathroom a brand new look. A simple repainting can make your bathroom look like a whole different room at a fraction of the cost of remodeling. You will be amazed at how creative we can be when we work together to achieve the results you want when we paint the bathroom vanities in your home.

Painting those hard to work with built in cabinets and shelves are no problem for us also. Our professional painting technicians are used to painting and repainting all different types of built in cabinetry. Many people choose to paint their built in cabinets because natural wood tones or dark painted built in’s will leave a room looking dark and feeling lifeless; there is nothing like a coat of bright paint on built in cabinetry to make an office easier to work in and still look great.

The next time you need your built in’s painted give us a call for a free painting estimate; you will be pleasantly surprised by our affordable and competitive rates. You will see our prices our so fair there is no reason for you to undertake this painstaking and time consuming process yourself. We can handle all your bathroom vanity and built in cabinetry painting needs and do it at a price that fits nicely into your budget.

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