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St. Louis Built-In Cabinet Painting

Built in cabinets often sit forgotten in the back of a room as things start to pile up and get cluttered in and on top of them, but it does not have to be that way. Just like the cabinets in your kitchen, they can have a fresh coat of paint put on them that makes them stand out and enhance the looks of any room that has them. We are experts at built in cabinet painting and can dramatically improve the looks of any room they are part of with a carefully planned built in cabinet painting job.white kitchen cabinets in st louis mo

It’s not that people don’t want to paint or repaint their built in cabinets from time to time but these features have an inherent set of problems that make people want to avoid that. Because they are recessed into the wall it makes cabinets and shelving very difficult to get to and very hard to paint without leaving paint drips or visible brush strokes. Our professional painters are experts at getting into these hard to reach places so the finished product comes out looking flawless.

Free Built-In Cabinet Painting Consultations

We would be glad to come to your home and look at your cabinets to help evaluate what it will take to get them looking great again. At the same time we will go over every step in our built in cabinet painting process with you and we can even assist you in the sometimes difficult job of color and tone selection.

Once we start the job for you we will take all the necessary time to properly prep the cabinet area to keep paint from getting where you don’t want it and we will also sand and prep the built in cabinets so the new coat of paint and primer goes on smooth and evenly. The primer and paint will be of the highest quality to ensure that the finished coat covers completely and will last a very long time.

When we get done painting your built in cabinets, they will look so good you won’t want to put anything in or on top of them anymore.



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