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Interior Painting

Do you sometimes think that your home’s interior has become a little dull and outdated over the years? There is no better way to brighten it up and to make it look great again than by giving it a fresh coat of paint.  It does not matter whether it’s changing the look of your kitchen by repainting your cabinets or brightening up your family room with a different shade of paint, we can expertly help you with any type of interior painting project. We have the equipment, quality paints and know how to make any interior paint job come out looking great and last a long time.

Free Interior Painting Color Consultations!

It all starts with a free in home estimate and color consultation. We will come out to your home and talk to you about what you want done and then we will give you a detailed estimate that will include the tasks we will perform during each phase of the project. Our staff is excellent for bouncing ideas off of and giving you feedback about the paint tones and colors you want to use on your interior painting project; it helps to make this sometimes difficult task go smoothly and get you the finished results you desire.BRS cabinet painting st lous

We will even discuss the importance of paint sheen with you; sheen helps to do such things as make the painted surface easier to clean; but the more sheen the harder it is to hide imperfections and get a smooth finished coat. Most of the time matte or flat finishes are used on the walls of your home unless it is a hard to clean area such as your young children’s rooms or the kitchen; here an eggshell or satin finish will work really well. Typically trim and molding will be done in a gloss or semi-gloss so they can easily be cleaned because dirt from hands and shoe marks get on them so frequently.

As with all painting jobs, the preparation is the key to a great looking finished product. That is why we take great effort to make sure the prep work for each and every job we do is meticulously done right down to the smallest details. Some companies only do the bare minimum prep and it shows in the quality of the finished work and you will be re-painting your interior much sooner than you should have to. We will start by covering and masking anything that is not to be painted. Once that is done we will do such things as repair stress cracks and holes in drywall, sand areas where old paint may be peeling and fix nail pops. We will work together with you to figure out exactly how detailed you want the prep work to be and do it at a price that still fits your painting budget. With us there are absolutely no hidden fees and surprises when you get your final bill.

Picking Interior Paints

One thing you absolutely must know about us is that we will only use high quality paints on your interior paint job. Don’t take ‘high quality’ in that statement as meaning an extremely expensive price; we use our long standing relationships with our suppliers to get you the highest quality paint at very affordable prices. A quality paint will not only make the finished job look magnificent it will also ensure the finished coat will last you a long time. You certainly don’t want your new interior paint to start fading after just a little while. Our painting experts are so confident in the quality of paints we use we will tell you exactly how many coats it will take to get the painting task done and exactly how long it should last.

Once the prep work is done it is then time for priming and applying the finished coat. Whether we are rolling, brushing or spraying the paint on; our skilled painting technicians will know exactly how to make the finished job come out looking awesome. We are confident that once your painting project is done you will never call anyone but us to handle your future painting needs. Our company stands behind each and every job we do and no job is ever considered finished until you are fully satisfied with it.



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