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O’Fallon, MO Cabinet Painting & Refinishing

People often overlook such rooms in their home as kitchens, bathrooms and offices when it comes to giving their home a makeover. That is surprising because these rooms often feature cabinets that when kept up right can me these rooms look incredible. You can do such things in these rooms as change appliances, add new light fixtures and new counters but those types of changes can end up draining your bank account. A better and less expensive way to achieve the same results is too simply paint the cabinets in these rooms. We are O’Fallon area expert cabinet painters that most certainly can help you with that task.

Cabinets are more often treated as final resting places for paper and other clutter as opposed to the decorative room piece they can be. Dull and dingy cabinets often take away from the looks of kitchens, baths and other rooms they are in but it certainly does not have to be that way. Our O’Fallon cabinet painting professionals are experts at working with you to get your cabinets looking great again and greatly enhancing the looks of any room they are in.

Why choose us to paint your cabinets?

This is a very simple question for us to answer; it’s because we do things the right way every time and pay attention to even the smallest of details.

If you are interested to find out what it would take to get the cabinets in your house looking great again then we would be happy to come out to your home and look at the project with you. After discussing with you the look you desire for your finished painted cabinets we will hand you a detailed estimate that describes fully what we will do during every phase of the cabinet painting process. Our seasoned interior decorating specialists will even help you with the difficult task of selecting colors, sheens and tones that will leave your cabinets looking great.

We recognize that the detail in the prep work that’s done is the main key for getting any O’Fallon cabinet painting job done successfully. That is why we always take the time during this step to do it right. All the furniture and other fixtures in the room will be masked and covered to ensure no paint gets on them and we will remove the cabinet drawers and cabinet doors at this time too. The final steps in the preparation process will be applying a liquid de-glosser to the cabinets followed by a light sanding; this will guarantee that the paint and primer goes on smooth and fully adheres to the cabinet surface.

We will then use very high quality primer and paint and apply them with a high velocity/ low pressure sprayer; this will ensure that the cabinets have an even coat applied to them that will remain durable for a long time.

No painting job is ever complete until we reassemble the cabinets and also do a very thorough cleanup of the work area.

Give Us a Call for All Your O’Fallon Cabinet Painting Needs

We have the experts in place with the skills and tools needed to make any cabinet painting job we do look outstanding. It is one of the major reasons why we are the most sought after cabinet painting company in the O’Fallon area. We carry all the necessary insurance ans are never fully satisfied with any job we do until you are.

So if you live in O’Fallon, MO and decide it’s time to paint the cabinets in your home, don’t just entrust the job to any old painting company; entrust it to a company like us who treats cabinet painting like the art form it is.


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