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St. Louis Bathroom Cabinet Painting

There are few rooms in your home that get used as much as your bathroom and that makes one wonder why they are usually the last rooms in your home to get a makeover. A fresh coat and a different color of paint on your bathroom cabinets can do wonders for the way your bathroom looks. Not to mention that with all the use your bathroom cabinets get they are subject to a lot of wear and tear and potentially harmful moisture; a tough exterior coat of paint will go a long way to protect them and help them last longer before needing expensive replacement. We are cabinet painting experts who can help you every step of the way with your bathroom cabinet painting to give your bathroom a unique and bold new look.

Free Bathroom Cabinet Painting Estimates

We would very much like to come visit you in your home and take a look at the bathroom cabinets you wish to have painted. Once we have discussed your vision for the finished painting project, we will then present you with a detailed estimate that describes each step we will take in the bathroom cabinet painting process; we are a company that does not believe in surprising our customers with extra charges after we complete a cabinet painting project.white kitchen cabinets in st louis mo

If you would like, we can also help you in choosing the color, sheen and tone of the paint you would like your cabinets to be. This can be a difficult process because often times it is hard to imagine how a bathroom cabinet painting job will look when completed just by holding a small paint sample up against the cabinets. With our many years of experience we can give you very valuable input as to how certain colors will look when the painting is finished. We are a company that is always more than happy to assist you in this and any other phases of your cabinet painting process where you may need it.

Cabinet Refinishing Preparation

Preparation is the key to any painting project but it becomes even more important when painting bathroom cabinets. That is why we take all the time that is necessary to do it right; this helps to ensure that each and every cabinet painting job we do comes out looking great. We will remove all the drawers and cabinet doors to make sure that when we paint them they are thoroughly coated and the finish looks great. We will also spray a liquid de-glosser on them to break down any areas of heavy paint buildup and to help the primer and paint adhere to the cabinet surface better. Light sanding will also be done to ensure that the primer and paint go on smoothly and this too enhances the paint adhesion to the cabinet surface.

Our St. Louis cabinet painting pros will usually apply the paint using a high velocity and low pressure sprayer; this puts just the right amount of paint on your bathroom cabinets to cover them thoroughly so the paint stays durable. We also only use the highest quality paints on our cabinet painting projects so they come out looking great every time and can better handle the rigors of daily bathroom cabinet wear and tear.

So don’t just use your bathroom, ‘wow’ yourself each and every time you go in it by re-painting your bathroom cabinets. A bathroom cabinet painting project will not only make your bathroom cabinets stand out again bit it can be done at a price that is much more affordable than you think.


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