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St. Charles Cabinet Painting & Refinishing

Kitchen, bathroom and other cabinets in your home do not often get credit for being the decorative room enhancements that they can be. Often times they just become resting and hiding places for books, paper and other types of clutter; over the years they also tend to get dull and dingy looking because of this. Well it certainly does not have to be that way; with a cabinet painting or re-painting job we can get them looking so good they will greatly enhance the looks of any room they are in once again. We are St. Charles Cabinet Painting pros who know how to work with you to get the cabinets in your St. Charles, Missouri area home looking spectacular.

When people do kitchen, bath and office makeovers they tend to spend a lot of money doing such things as buying new fixtures, new appliance and new lighting. This can add up to you spending a huge chunk of hard earned cash in a very short amount of time. People often overlook the fact that they can achieve the same result at a much lower cost simply by putting a fresh coat of paint on their kitchen, bath or other built in cabinets. It is a great way to dramatically change the look of any rooms you have cabinets in and it will also help to protect the significant investment you have in your home.

Our St. Charles Cabinet Painting Process

The answer to this question is simple; we do everything the right way and pay attention to detail too.

It all starts with are free in home consultation. We can take a look at your cabinets and what you want done to them and then provide you with a detailed estimate that will describe what we will do during each phase of the cabinet painting project. We also want to hear what your idea is for the look you want to achieve with your newly painted cabinets. Our interior decorating specialists can help by giving you expert input on such things as proper color, tone and sheen to help get you the look you desire from your finished cabinet painting job.

Preparation is the key to getting any cabinet painting job to turn out looking great. We will remove the cabinet doors and drawers and then mask and cover the surrounding area where necessary. A liquid de-glosser will then be applied to your cabinets and then a light sanding is done when that is dry to ensure the paint and primer are being applied to a smooth surface and fully adhere to the cabinet surface.

High quality primer and paint is then applied with a high velocity/ low pressure sprayer to ensure the cabinets are coated thoroughly with just the right amount of paint. This will help your kitchen, bathroom or built in cabinets turn out looking magnificent each and every time.

No job is ever considered finished until we reassemble your cabinets and do a very thorough cleanup.

A+ Rated Kitchen Cabinet Painters – You’re in Good Hands!

We have the tools and skilled personnel that will make any cabinet painting job in your home turn out looking great. That is why we are one of the most sought after cabinet painting companies in the St. Charles area. We are a fully insured company that does not cut corners when doing a painting project and we are never fully satisfied with a completed job until you are.

So if you live in St. Charles, MO and decide it’s time to paint the cabinets in your home, don’t just entrust the job to any old St. Charles Cabinet Painting company; entrust it to a company like us who treats cabinet painting like the art form it is.


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